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High weir spiral classifier

High weir spiral classifier

【Product Introduction】:Spiral separator is a device that uses solid particles to settle in the slurry at different speeds for classification.

【Applicable Materials】:The high weir type spiral classifier is suitable for coarse grain classification.

【Production Capacity】:10~1785 t/d

【Product Application】:The sand return end of the Xinhai spiral classifier is equipped with an automatic sand return lifting device, which can cancel the configuration of the large spoon head of the ball mill and make the ball mill equipment run more smoothly.

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High weir spiral classifier

The advantages of Xinhai high weir spiral classifier

An automatic lifting device for returning sand is added to the sand returning end, which cancels the configuration of the big spoon head of the ball mill;

Each ton of ore can generally save 1 to 1.5 degrees of electricity;

Avoid frequent maintenance of the big spoon head;

Slow down the uneven impact on the large and small gears of the ball mill.

Working principle of high weir spiral classifier

The high weir type spiral classifier uses the ground slurry to be fed into the water tank from the feed port located in the middle of the settlement area. Below the inclinedly installed water tank is the slurry classification and settlement area. The spiral rotates at a low speed to stir the slurry. The fine particles are suspended above and flow to the overflow weir to overflow. Coarse particles sink to the bottom of the trough and are conveyed by the screw to the discharge port as returned sand and discharged. The location of the overflow weir is higher than the bearing center at the lower end of the screw shaft and lower than the upper edge of the spiral at the overflow end.

The high weir type overflow weir is higher than the spiral axis of rotation, but lower than the upper edge of the spiral on the overflow end. This type of classifier has a lower settlement area and a large weir type, and its weir height can be adjusted within a certain range, that is, the area of the settlement area can be adjusted within a certain range, so that the particle size of the classification can be adjusted, which is in the grinding cycle. A commonly used device.

High weir type spiral classifier product picture

High Weir Spiral ClassifierHigh Weir Spiral ClassifierDouble spiral classifierDouble spiral classifier  

High weir type spiral classifier FAQ

The main influencing factors of grinding and grading operations: grinding medium, grading efficiency, returned sand amount, feed size, mill structure parameters and grinding concentration.

1) Feeding particle size, grinding concentration and mill structure parameters can be better controlled in the automatic control of equipment manufacturing and grinding operations;

2) Grinding media has been greatly improved today when metallurgy and materials have been well developed;

3) The amount of returned sand is related to the classification efficiency, medium filling rate and medium ratio (including the impact of broken balls);

The classification efficiency is mainly affected by the classification concentration, the classification equipment, and the particle size composition of the classification materials, which is difficult to control.

Product Parameter

TypeModelSpiral speed (r/min)According to sand processing capacity (t/h)According to overflow processing capacity (t/h)Spiral diameter (mm)Spiral
Drive Electric
Machine model
Drive Electric
Machine power
Boost Electricity
Machine model
Boost Electricity
Machine power
Weight (kg)
High Weir Type
Single spiral
FLG-3007.730 ~8010 ~30φ300390014 ~18Y100L1-42.2Manual668
FLG-5008145~26021 ~75φ5004390Y112M-61600
High Weir Type
Double helix

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